“He listened and understood what I was looking for”

Previous experience: Turbo Trainer
Average weekly distance: 150km
Bike 1: Cannondale
Bike 2: Cervelo

The Story – Rosie

Rosie is a keen sportswoman. She spends a lot of her spare time playing sports and keeping fit. She runs (though admits is not an enthusiastic runner) and plays football regularly.

As she openly shares, she is “very well structured on exercise” and it plays an important part in her life.

At the start of lockdown when the gyms were closed and social sporting activities were taken away, she took unknowing steps towards her first triathlon buying a Turbo Trainer (a device you attach your bike to, replicating the feeling of the road)

I didn’t know anything about bikes just that it was my size so jumped on it and completed the London to Brighton

Prior to finding Iftiaz she needed a bike for the London to Brighton cycle event. She didn’t know anything about bikes but picked up a bike on Gumtree – a Btwin from Decathlon costing around £200.

“I didn’t know anything about bikes just that it was my size so jumped on it and completed the London to Brighton”

She then got that inspirational thought… if I can run and cycle too… why not try triathlon!

Rosie discovered her best event was cycling so decided to look for a lighter bike more targeted to triathlon and long-distance cycling.

The Challenge

The challenge for people in Rosie’s position as Rosie was back then, looking for your first high performance road bike are typical of many, and can be concerning.

• Young women are more likely than men to be taken advantage of
• People new to the sport have little real road experience, and are open to less scrupulous individuals

“These days so many bikes are stolen. You just don’t know who’s genuine who’s not and that’s a real struggle with buying bikes”

Rosie was aware of the downfalls in her search but as soon as she found Iftiaz. Her fears were allayed.

As soon as I spoke to him I knew he knew what he was talking about, he’s very trust worthy guy, he’s very genuine when you speak to him.

Why You Chose CBC

Rosie met Iftiaz after seeing the ad for her first bike on eBay, a Cannondale “Nice colour” – she jokes

There are many elements and factors to consider when buying a high-performance bike but knowing little about bikes is not something that should put you off.

Iftiaz loves to talk bikes, his approach and knowledge can help alleviate any concerns you have. There is no pressure to buy a bike. Indeed, Iftiaz much prefers you have all the information and time you need before you make that decision.

Rosie describes how Iftiaz delivered the bike the next day insisting she take it for a test ride. He asked questions and made suggestions.

“He listened and understood what I was looking for”

“It was just like incredible the service”

How Did CBC Respond?

Rosie had such a positive experience with Coventry Bespoke Cycles when she decided to upgrade, she went straight to Iftiaz.

“I went straight back to him. I didn’t consider anyone else”

Iftiaz, along with the team at Coventry Bespoke Cycles between them have an extensive depth of knowledge and experience when it comes to bikes.

When Rosie was looking to purchase another bike (S-works) she was taken by the non- pushy approach. Iftiaz suggested she wait for a different bike than the one she had her eye on at the time, because it would be better suited to her. Iftiaz could quite easily have sold that bike to her but wants to do the best for his customers.

The day after Iftiaz delivered the bike, Rosie had difficulty adjusting the seat. Iftiaz visited Rosie again the following day to fix the problem which was a simple case of having the correct tool.

Used high-performance bikes are high value products to most and it is big decision and investment for a lot of CBCs customers. This is certainly understood by the team and is not lost at any point in the process, from servicing and cleaning, to packaging and delivery, customer service and support.

Testament to the service and customer experience Rosie received first time round is that she was able to call Iftiaz for advice. She was considering a second bike which was a big step up in price from her first but felt happy and comfortable calling.

I just knew I would get some advice from Iftiaz because at first I didn’t want to take the leap cause it’s quite a big leap in terms of money

The Results

We have to remember our high-performance bikes are used bikes, and in most cases will be pushed to their limits by keen cyclists such as Rosie. They are put through their paces in triathlons and in races, in training – both indoor and out.
Our bikes are cared for and serviced by our committed team, to very high levels ensuring they offer as much longevity as possible so Rosie and our other customers can continue to enjoy them for as long as possible.

As we know Rosie started her journey, already with a very high level of fitness, but since buying her Cannondale and later X bike she happily cycles up to 150km a week.

Race day – Triathlon



Rosie did her research, she knows what pro-riders have, and what races they compete in, and with her greater level of experience and knowledge returns to Iftiaz and the team because of the incredible service and depth of knowledge they provide.

Get help to find the bike for you

Hi, I’m Iftiaz. Founder of Coventry Bespoke Cycles. I work extremely hard to source high quality premium bikes. With the help of my dedicated team we ensure they’re serviced to the highest standard and reach you safely.


I hope you enjoy reading about my customers and their experience with us.

If you’re interested in purchasing a bike, or you’re looking for a particular high-end specification, please get in touch.

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